How Do You Choose Good Shampoo for Your Hair Type?


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To choose a good shampoo, you need to know your hair type as this dictates the type of shampoo to use. Shampoos are made differently with different ingredients for every hair type. Hair can be normal, oily, curly, fine or frizzy. There are shampoos for short and long hair too.

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Normal hair has just the right balance of oiliness and dryness. It's not too fine or too frizzy so it needs a normal shampoo with a fairly even ratio of ingredients. Oily hair types have excess sebum or waxy styling products and are greasy. This hair type requires shampoo with salicylic acid to break down the excess oils.

Short hair,does not require a daily wash, so a dry shampoo is an option. Fine hair types need volumizing shampoos to make the hair look thicker.

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