How Do You Choose a Fragrance to Give to a Woman?

How Do You Choose a Fragrance to Give to a Woman?

A key factor in choosing a fragrance as a gift for a woman is the recipient's personality. To ensure the most well-received choice, pay attention to her interests, age, fragrance favorites and general preferences.

A woman's personality influences her taste in fragrances. For instance, a shy woman might be off put by a bold fragrance, but she may appreciate a soft, floral perfume. The woman's taste in clothes, colors and decor can give a hint about her personality type.

A woman's interests also indicate what types of fragrances she prefers. A woman who prefers art openings and other creative endeavors probably favors unique scents over designer brands. Conversely, if she enjoys cooking, a vanilla-based scent probably works well. Likewise, women who spend their days in an office probably prefer subtle scents, whereas one who is outside a lot probably enjoys vibrant, natural scents.

Age is a factor, too. Younger women often prefer sweet scents or those promoted by their favorite celebrities. Women in their 30s and 40s often prefer designer brands, while mature women often like classic fragrances.

A good method for choosing a perfume is noting which fragrances she already has in her collection. Bring a list of those to a perfume counter, or research those fragrances online. Ask for a recommendation of similar scents, or select comparable perfumes from an online resource.