How Do You Choose a Flattering Men's Hair Style?


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One thing to consider when choosing a flattering men's hair style is balancing one's face shape. Oval face shapes are the most versatile and any style looks flattering, while square faces require cuts and styles that soften the edges, such as avoiding a center part and bangs.

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Oblong face shapes are mostly versatile, although it is wise to choose a medium-length cut with a style that adds volume to the sides of the face because the face is so long. Adding bangs that skim the brows also helps to shorten the face's appearance. A heart-shaped face stays wide from the hairline to the cheekbones and then narrows at the chin. This shape is flattered by longer cuts that have volume at the ends. Men who have this face shape should stay away from short styles as they emphasize the wider part of the face.

Triangular face shapes are wide at the chin and narrow at the temples. This shape is flattered by short cuts that have volume on top. Faces with diamond shapes have wide cheekbones and narrow foreheads and chins. Men with this shape should avoid any cut that emphasizes the ears, but choose a style and length that balances the narrow forehead.

Round faces are the most rare shapes. Round does not necessarily mean fat or chubby, but it is characterized by having all edges smoothed out. Similar to the oval face shape, any style is flattering because the shape is already balanced.

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