How Do You Choose a Flattering Color From the Naturtint Color Chart?


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To choose a flattering color from the Naturtint hair color chart, find the color that most closely matches your natural shade, and then select a color that is one or two shades lighter or darker. The Naturtint hair color chart is available on at NaturtintUSA.com.

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On the chart, each color of Naturtint hair dye is denoted by a two-digit alphanumeric code. The number assigned to each color signifies its brightness or tone, while the letter signifies its color grouping. To select a flattering hair color, find your natural hair color (or the closest possible match) on the chart. Note the corresponding code. Next, select a hair color with the same number as yours but a different letter. The ideal color should have a similar undertone to your natural shade. When lightening your hair, lighten by no more than two shades per application to avoid damaging your hair.

Another way to select a flattering hair color is to find a color that suits your skin tone. Warm skin tones look best with warm hair colors, and cool skin tones go well with cool hair colors. One way to determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone is to look at the blood vessels in your wrist; if they appear more green, your skin tone is warm, and if they appear more blue, your skin tone is cool.

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