How Do You Choose the Best Felt-Tip Eyeliner?


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Color and tip size are the most important factors to consider when choosing a felt-tip eyeliner. The best products have firm, tapered tips that resist fraying and flattening. Black and brown eyeliners are universally flattering, copper, navy, teal enhance the beauty of brown eyes, while purple eyeliners flatter green and brown eyes.

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Felt-tip eyeliners offer the bold pigmentation of traditional liquid and gel formulations, but they are much easier to control. Waterproof felt-tip liners are a popular choice for hot, humid weather. They are also a useful solution for individuals with hooded eyelids and oily skin.

Black and brown felt-tip eyeliners are wonderful for tightlining. This technique defines the upper lash line and makes sparse lashes appear fuller and longer. Tightlining involves using the tip of the felt-tip eyeliner to color the skin between the eyelashes. Brown eyeliner produces a subtle effect appropriate for daytime wear; black produces more dramatic results.

Felt-tip eyeliners also add definition to the lower lash line. However, most formulas are unsuitable for use on the waterline because they irritate the delicate skin next to the eye. Eyeliner pencils are the best choice for that area.

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