How Do You Choose a Cross Tattoo Design?


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The process of choosing a cross tattoo design involves examining the reasons you want the cross in the first place, such as for a religious or spiritual purpose. Also take into consideration the area of your body on which you want the tattoo and other aspects of your design preference.

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How Do You Choose a Cross Tattoo Design?
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An important aspect of choosing the right design for a cross tattoo is to think about the reasons for the tattoo, as they often influence the overall look of the image. If you are getting a commemorative tattoo that involves a cross, you may wish to select a more tasteful and simple design or one that represents aspects of the person whom you are commemorating. If the cross is meant to combine elements of your faith with your personality, think about what other images and symbols represent you to incorporate it into the design. It is common for cross designs to feature words above, below or across the image.

Also think about the different types of crosses, such as the Crux Immissa, also known as the Christian cross, which consists of a vertical line with a horizontal line crossing through it towards the top. Different cross shapes affect the other elements that you are able to include in the overall design. Consider where on your body you want the cross, as some areas allow for larger designs.

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