How Do You Choose a Color for a Wig?


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To choose a color for a wig, consider the user's skin tone, eye color and the color of her natural hair and eyebrows. Also, take into account the kind of look she desires.

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How Do You Choose a Color for a Wig?
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People with warm skin tones have dark, brown and golden complexions with pink, peach or golden undertones. Their eye colors range from brown to turquoise, greenish-blue, green and hazel. Their natural hair colors tend to be brown, golden or strawberry blonde, red or yellow-tinted gray.

People with cool skin tones have pale to dark brown complexion with green, blue, brown or black-brown eyes. Their natural hairs tend to be deep brown, pale blonde or black.

Wigs in brown, auburn and chestnut colors are best for those with a warm coloring. Wigs with a shade of gold, caramel and bronze and generally of a color slightly darker than the skin tone are suitable. Avoid black-colored wigs.

For a person with cool coloring, choose wigs in blonde, black and brown hues. Avoid gold highlights, and instead pick ash, honey and wheat shades. Bold colors, such as red, purple and burgundy, are also suitable, but avoid yellow and bronze-colored wigs.

For a natural look, choose wigs that go well with the user's complexion and those that are within a shade of her natural hair color. Wig colors lighter than the natural hair color are more appropriate than darker ones. Also, match the wig color with that of the user's eyebrows. For an unnatural look, select bold wig colors.

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