What Is a Chocolate Diamond?


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Chocolate diamonds are simply brown diamonds that are marketed by Le Vian Corp under a registered trademark. Unlike other colored diamonds, brown diamonds are extremely common and are traditionally used for industrial purposes. In the past, jewelers have attempted to make brown diamonds seem desirable to customers, but the stones are not as rare as blue, red and green diamonds.

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Diamond-mining companies have a large surplus of brown stones, and the industrial demand for the stones is not large enough to match the overabundant supply. As a result, Le Vian Corp thought of a clever campaign to advertise the diamonds as a rarity to unsuspecting consumers. Unlike other diamonds, which are marketed primarily as gifts, chocolate diamonds are marketed by Le Vian Corp as a treat women should purchase for themselves.

Marketing ploys are largely responsible for creating the common belief that any type of diamond is rare and precious. Diamonds were extremely scarce prior to the 1870s, at which point miners stumbled upon copious supplies of the stones in Africa. The De Beers mining company collected and stored the vast majority of Africa's diamonds during the 19th century, and the company has since controlled the slow release of the stones to elicit the public's mistaken belief that diamonds are extraordinary and rare.

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