How Do You Do a Chignon?

How Do You Do a Chignon?

To create a chignon, pull the hair back, twist it, form the bun, secure the bun, shape the chignon by loosening parts of the bun and spray with hairspray. Creating a chignon takes roughly 20 minutes and requires a tail comb, large and small bobby pins, and hairspray.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Part the hair in the desired spot. Parting in the middle is typical, but any part is possible for the style. Comb the hair down smoothly, tucking it behind the ears.

  2. Twist the hair

    Gather the hair at the nape of the neck. Using both hands, gently twist the hair in a clockwise direction. Make sure the coil is smooth.

  3. Begin forming the bun

    Twist the hair a little bit tighter near the nape, and begin swinging the base of the coil into a donut-shaped bun. Use your index finger to hold the top of the donut shape in place.

  4. Secure the basic shape

    Continue forming the bun until a complete donut results. Tuck the edge of the hair under a side of the bun. Use a large bobby pin on either side to secure the basic donut shape in place.

  5. Shape and pin the bun

    Use your fingers to fluff out the shape of the bun. Secure the circle with small bobby pins that match the hair color.

  6. Add volume

    Slide the end of the tail comb into one side of the bun. Hold onto the other side, and pull gently with the comb to create a looser look. Repeat this process all around the bun.

  7. Finish the style

    Spray the whole style with a finishing spray. Smooth back any wayward strands of hair with the comb.