How Do I Get Cherry Blossom Nails?

How Do I Get Cherry Blossom Nails?

To create cherry blossom nails, start with a clear base coat and mint polish for the background of the nail. Once dry use a striping brush with black polish to draw branches; allow time to dry, then use a toothpick with two shades of pink to make the blossoms. Completing cherry blossom nails takes a varying amount of time depending on the complexity of the tree designs being used.

  1. Apply a coat of mint nail polish and add branches

    Paint your nails with your preferred base coat and a layer of mint-colored nail polish. Give them time to dry. Use the special striping nail brush to apply a single, large branch to each nail. Add smaller and thinner branches coming off of the bigger branch. Try to focus on having the primary branches come from the same area on each fingernail. It is okay if you make small mistakes, as the branches will be mostly covered up.

  2. Use the toothpick and pink nail polish to add flowers

    Dip your toothpick into the pink nail polish. Use it to create a series of small symmetrical dots, decorating the black branches. These should cover up any mistakes you may have made earlier. Give the dots several minutes to dry.

  3. Apply a layer of top coat

    Apply a single, thick layer of top coat to your nails.