How Do You Check the Serial Number on a Coach Purse?


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Coach does not offer any serial number authentication services to buyers, according to its website. This means that confused owners cannot call Coach to determine whether the bag or purse that they posses is an authentic Coach product.

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Counterfeit Coach manufacturers also put serial numbers on their purses, which means it is not possible to authenticate any Coach purses based off of a serial number. However, there are a few signs that will help owners determine whether or not their coach purse was actually manufactured by the Coach company.

Coach states that all of the purses sold at their verified third-party websites and locations, such as Macy's, Herbergers and Dillards, are authentic. Furthermore, some websites that are known for selling counterfeit coach purses include Coachoutletfactory and Coachbags.biz. Coach bags that have handles wrapped in plastic, have the signature "C" pattern on both the inside and the outside of the bag or have misspelled or jumbled English written on them are typically not authentic. Similarly, if the stitching is uneven or if there are obvious asymmetric patterns, the bags are most likely not real. Any counterfeits should be reported to coach either through phone or mail, with information as to where and in what quantities the fakes are being sold.

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