What Are Some Characteristics of Mod Fashion?


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Mod fashion makes use of bright, bold colors often arranged in geometric patterns for women and a sophisticated narrow-lapel suit look for men. Females may dress in a combined, androgynous manner, with short hair and men's shirts or accessories combined with miniskirts, for example.

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Typical menswear in mod fashion includes tailor-made mohair suits, thin neckties, cashmere or wool jumpers featuring a V-neck cut, Beatle boots, and button-down collared shirts. In some cases, males challenge gender norms by applying eye shadow, eyeliner or other makeup to their faces. Another characteristic element of mod fashion is the use of scooters for transportation due to their Italian aesthetic and lack of exposed moving parts.

Female mod fashion is characterized by famous British supermodels of the 1960s, including Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy. Typical clothing items for women include miniskirts and short dresses designed to show off women's legs or brightly colored tights designed to challenge the conservative look of the 1950s.

A key figure of mod fashion is Mary Quant, who opened the Bazaar boutique in Chelsea, consolidating the London look that came to be heavily associated with mod fashion for women. Another famous mod fashion designer is Rudi Gernreich, who entered the scene in 1964 with the release of a controversial topless swimsuit.

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