What Are Some Characteristics of Great Tote Bags for School?


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Characteristics of great tote bags vary depending on the level of education of the student. Generally, tote bags should be large enough to carry books, snacks and any required devices. They should also be made of strong, durable material but still remain light in weight to facilitate easy carrying and for the comfort of the student.

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Tote bags for preschool and elementary children should be water repellent and colorful, as well as easy to clean and move around. It is best to get small bags with rollers. For students in middle and high school, large tote bags are the ideal. This is because the students have plenty of books to carry and are also often involved in games or other extracurricular activities that might require them to carry a change of clothes amongst other things. High school students may have devices like laptops that need to fit properly in the bag. For college students, strong and hard-wearing tote bags are ideal. Fashionable styles are often important, although this should not take precedence over their carrying capacity. College tote bags need to be very large, especially if the student does not have a car or locker at school, as they are used to ferry everything from school to apartments or to games and events.

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