What Are the Characteristics of Emo Style?

What Are the Characteristics of Emo Style?

Emo style consists of tight clothing that is primarily black. Emos typically create layered looks using plain tops, but they also tend to wear vintage t-shirts, especially vintage band t-shirts. Skinny jeans and hoodies are staple items for emos. Some emos add pieces with vibrant colors and skeleton designs to their ensembles. They generally wear sneakers, as well as flat shoes and boots. Female emos tend to wear black-and-white striped tights when they dress in skirts.

Emos who require glasses opt for horn-rimmed glasses. Typical emo accessories include studded belts, neck chokers, silver jewelry, printed socks and long, thin scarves with stripes. Some emos get facial piercings, typically choosing studs.

Both male and female emos wear black eyeliner and sometimes black mascara as well. The black eyeliner accentuates the eyes and gives them a more sullen look. Some emos use eyeliner to draw little tears around the eye area.

Emos tend to lighten their skin by wearing white face powder or translucent makeup. They typically sport chipped nail polish. Black is the primary color of nail polish for them, but they also wear other dark colors, such as navy blue and burgundy.

Many emos die their hair jet black. Some add streaks of vibrant colors, such as red and lime green, to their hair. The signature emo hairstyle consists of sweeping hair over one eye.