What Does ChapStick Consist Of?


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ChapStick consists primarily of white petrolatum, a skin protector, and the active sunscreens octinoxate and oxybenzone. Although the precise ingredients of ChapStick vary by type, ChapStick often contains vitamin E acetate, fragrance, paraffin and mineral oil.

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White petrolatum works to treat and heal cracked skin, according to Health Central. White petrolatum forms an oily layer over the skin that traps water and moisture in the skin, which heals and replenishes the skin. Other components of white petrolatum attack dead skin cells and help remove them from the body. ChapStick comes in a number of different flavors, including pumpkin, mango, coconut and cake batter.

Different varieties of ChapStick contain different ingredient variations. Medicated ChapStick contains menthol, camphor and phenol. Although medicated ChapStick does not claim to act as a sunscreen, the menthol and camphor in medicated ChapStick work to sooth cold sores and blisters and protect the skin from wind and cold damage. Like moisturizing ChapStick, medicated ChapStick contains large amounts of petrolatum.

Although ChapStick contains sunscreen, ChapStick and its parent company Pfizer do not claim that ChapStick prevents early aging of the skin. The creation of ChapStick dates back to the early 1880s. The first recipes consisted of little more than wax cut into tubes, and ChapStick's ingredients grew more sophisticated over time. ChapStick recommends applying the product three or four times each day for the best results.

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