How Do You Change Permanent Black Hair Color to Dark Ash Blond at Home?

Dying hair from black to ash blond is difficult, but it can be done with the help of hair color remover, double drabbing high-lift lightener, peroxide developer, protein treatments and violet toner. This process works best when performed on healthy hair. People with chemically damaged hair should not attempt to dye their hair from black to blond at home.

People starting with chemically treated black hair need to strip the hair of color. Use a hair color remover to remove the black dye and leave the hair with a slight reddish tint.

Hair color removers are often hard on the hair. After using it, allow the hair to recuperate. Wait a few weeks before to continue the hair dye process. When the hair has recovered enough to continue, it is time for the double drabbing high-lift lightener. This can be purchased at a local beauty supply store. Developer is also necessary; it is the peroxide solution that lightens hair, and it comes in a number of volumes. People who want to lighten by two shades should use a 20 volume developer, while people who needed a larger lift should use a 40 volume developer. Higher developers cause more damage to the hair.

After using the high lift lightener and the developer, the hair should be blond. To achieve an ash blond tone, use a violet-based toner on the hair. This gets rid of brassy yellow tones. Then, apply protein and keratin treatments to help repair damage.