How Do You Change Hair From Red to Blonde?

Hair can be changed from red to blonde by using a highlighting bleach method while being sure that it is not too orange by applying a toner with a blue or ash base. This can be achieved on salon-dyed red hair.

Highlighting red hair with blonde highlights ensures the change is not too drastic and that the results are somewhat subtle while still providing the blonde color that is desired. Highlights can be done easily at home through the use of a highlighting cap. Depending on the color, the developer and bleach should be mixed together and left on the hair until the hair is the proper color.

People who want hair the same level color, but in a blonder shade, can simply use hair dye and developer; the developer should be a 10 volume. People who only want to go between two and four shades lighter should use a 20-or 30-volume developer; this will ensure the hair does not become too light. Bleach should always be combined with 40-volume developer to ensure the most lightening power. Gold and orange tones can be expected when the hair is lightened from a red to a blonde.