How Do You Change Your Hair Color From Dark to Blonde at Home?

How Do You Change Your Hair Color From Dark to Blonde at Home?

Hair experts and professionals do not recommend using home coloring kits to dye the hair more than two shades lighter or darker at home. This is because hair lightening requires bleaching, which can potentially damage the hair if done improperly. For radical changes in hair color, the treatment is best done in a salon by a trained aesthetician.

If the preferred hair coloring is at the most two shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color, the treatment can be done at home. Doing so can be significantly cheaper than a salon treatment. The following shows how to apply hair color at home.

  1. Decide on a shade
  2. It is a good idea to choose a hair color that suits one's particular hair type and natural color. Websites of some of the leading hair care brands offer free online help in selecting hair color.

  3. Plan and organize
  4. Make sure to prepare all the supplies that may be needed during the treatment apart from the hair coloring kit. These include rags, old clothes, petroleum jelly, old towels, hair clips and combs.

  5. Start coloring
  6. Start by test coloring a strand of hair to see how the color turns out. If the color is the preferred shade, proceed with coloring the rest of the hair. Follow the instructions that came with the hair coloring kit.

  7. Wash and rinse
  8. Still following the instructions, wait until the recommended time has passed, then rinse the hair. If a hair conditioner came with the kit, apply after rinsing and then wait at least a day before washing it off.