How Do You Change the Battery on a Timex Watch?

To change the battery on a Timex watch, open the battery holding panel on the back of the Timex watch. Remove the old battery, insert the new battery, and place the holding panel back onto the watch.

  1. Remove the screws on the holding panel

    Find the four screws on the back holding panel. Unscrew them with a jeweler's or eyeglass screwdriver.

  2. Pry the panel off

    Slide the flat end of a screwdriver between the panel and the watch. Pry gently to push the holding panel off the back of the Timex.

  3. Remove the old battery

    Pick up the Timex, and flip it over to drop the old battery out of the housing. Drop the old battery into a cup or hand when flipping the Timex over.

  4. Put in new battery

    Place the Timex on a flat surface, and put the new battery into the housing. Push down to snap the battery into place.

  5. Screw back panel onto the Timex

    Place the panel onto the Timex. Add a screw to each hole, and align the holes on the back of the Timex. Turn each screw using the screwdriver until the screw is tight in its housing. Tighten each screw one more half-turn to lock the holding panel into position.