How Do You Get Celebrity Hair?

How Do You Get Celebrity Hair?

Achieving a look that is similar to that of your favorite celebrity requires you to use a few basic styling tools and products. You can also work with your stylist to get the look you want.

  1. Find pictures for inspiration

    Search the Internet or magazines to find pictures of the celebrities with style you admire. Take the picture with you to the stylist, or use it as a reference when you're styling your hair at home.

  2. Gather your styling tools

    To get the look you want, you'll need tools like a fine tooth comb to create stand-out bangs like America Ferrera's or a hot roller for soft ringlets that are similar to Taylor Swift's. Hair clips to separate the sections of your hair during styling may also be essential for some styles. Make sure all your styling items are in one place before you start so you can complete your style efficiently.

  3. Finish with styling products

    A medium to firm hairspray may be necessary to keep your celebrity-inspired style in place. A leave-in conditioner that enhances the shine of your hair can also enhance your look. If you're going out, carrying a few bobby pins can help you keep your tresses in place.