What Causes Puffy Eyes?


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Puffy eyes are typically caused by fluid retention in the eye area or the natural process of aging. Puffy eyes are also caused by dermatitis, allergies, lack of sleep, trauma, infections or injuries to the area around the eyes. Some systemic conditions that affect the entire body also lead to eye puffiness or swelling.

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What Causes Puffy Eyes?
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Fluid retention in the eye area is often caused by changes in weather or hormone levels or consumption of foods that have a high salt content. As people age, puffiness and swelling around the eyes tends to increase because the muscles that support the eyelids begin to weaken. Fat deposits that surround the eye area also begin to shift. As fat deposits gravitate toward the lower eye area, the upper eyelids begin to appear puffy and swollen. The eyelids themselves also begin to droop as aging occurs, giving the appearance of puffiness.

Treatments that are used to cure puffy eyes are determined by the cause of the swelling. In most cases, home remedies such as cold compresses, tea bags or cucumber slices are used to treat the condition. In cases that are caused by an underlying medical condition, a doctor may prescribe medicated eye drops, creams or eye ointments to reduce the swelling.

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