What Causes Loose Neck Skin?

According to Fox News, loose neck skin or “turkey neck” is caused by flaccid muscles or too much accumulation of fat. Factors such as aging and loss of weight, to which the neck might take longer to adjust, can cause a sagging skin, MedicineNet explains.

Some people develop sagging skin as a result of hereditary factors. Both the young and old can experience loose neck skin, and cosmetic neck lift procedures are very effective. Fox News recommends a number of measures people with loose neck skin can embrace at home to ease their condition, including drinking plenty of water to keep the skin well hydrated. It is also advisable to keep healthy levels of body fat proportion. Keeping an overall lean body mass can help maintain optimal skin health. Certain physical exercises, such as making a chewing motion for about 30 seconds at a time, are also recommended, Fox News states.

A less serious loose skin problem can be fixed using procedures that are less invasive than a full neck lift. For instance, moderate and carefully executed liposuction can help improve appearance by streamlining the entire neck. It is effective in a neck with comparatively youthful skin, which easily falls back into alignment after the procedure. However, fat removal must be performed very carefully to avoid leaving a patient looking skeletal, the New York Times notes.