What Causes Lines Around the Mouth?


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According to MedGuidance.com, lines around the mouth are wrinkles that develop with age. They can be further exacerbated by smoking and overexposure to sun. The latter is a leading cause of premature aging, and the former destroys elastin and collagen. Additional causes include facial contortions and sleeping sideways, which encourages line formation that is then made permanent by the normal decrease of elastin and collagen that comes with age.

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What Causes Lines Around the Mouth?
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MedGuidance.com states that chewing gum and smoking twist the face into line-forming contortions that prime the skin for wrinkles. Avoidance of these activities along with all wrinkle-forming habits is the best method for prevention. In addition, a healthy diet is important. A diet full of antioxidant and Omega-3 rich foods decrease the signs of aging and help reduce skin damage. Fish oil is a good source of Omega-3. Spinach, broccoli and whole grains are rich in antioxidants. Also, vitamin C acts to increase elasticity of the skin.

Although there is no way to completely stop the signs of aging, according to MedGuidance.com, cleansing and moisturizing the skin with hydrating facial masks and exercising facial muscles on a regular basis are further ways to help prevent the creation of lines around the mouth.

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