What Causes Large Pores?


There are several different causes of large pores, including genetics and hormones. Large pores can also be caused by excess oil on the skin and certain skin products.

People who are born with thick or oily skin are more prone to developing large pores. Aging and repeated sun exposure can also contribute to large pores due to thickening of the skin. As the pores increase in size, they are more susceptible to accumulating dirt and bacteria. As dirt, bacteria and debris collects within the pore, it enlarges even more, making it noticeable to the naked eye.

According to board-certified dermatologist, Nicholas Perricone, M.D, people can reduce the appearance of large pores by eating healthy and taking proper care of the skin. To shrink pores, the face should be washed in the morning and night to ensure it stays clean from dirt and excess oil. Users should also avoid using harsh cleansers or treatments and instead use a topical medication or face wash that has retinol or vitamin C as a main ingredient. A gentle facial scrub designed to exfoliate the skin can reduce the size of pores while keeping the skin free from excess oils. There are also medical procedures available to shrink pores.