What Causes a Headache in the Back of the Head?


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Headaches that occur in the back of the head are most often caused by emotional or mental stress and are called tension headaches according to WebMD. However, tension headaches with pain in the back of the head can also be caused by poor posture, anxiety, lack of sleep, hunger, tiredness and overexertion.

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What Causes a Headache in the Back of the Head?
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Most of the time these types of headaches have triggers, which can be found and seen in the environment according to WebMD. An example might be giving birth to a new baby and dealing with two existing children at home in addition to the new baby. Another example might be a lack of close friends and therefore loneliness that leads to the tension headache. Other examples can include a big presentation at work or planning a family vacation in a place that the family has never been before.

For some people, tension headaches become chronic tension headaches and reoccur on a frequent basis. This is sometimes the result of pent up stress and may be the result of an inability to regulate stress or emotions, reports Mayo Clinic. However, some people are simply prone to more psychosomatic symptoms of stress than others. People who suffer from tension headaches often feel dull, aching pain in the back of their head, along with pressure around the forehead and feelings of tenderness along the scalp.

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