What Causes Excessive Hair Growth in Men?

Hypertrichosis, which can affect people of any gender, is a genetic disorder that causes an incredible volume of hair growth to occur, according to the website Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man. The disorder is inheritable and can pass from parent to child, and it results in thick hair growth on part or all of the body, sometimes including the face.

Hypertrichosis has a long diagnostic history dating back, in the modern record, to 1857. It is often comorbid with other conditions including derangements of the jaw and teeth and other dental disorders and growths, as well as with deficiencies in nasal structure and cartilage content.

The disorder in no way impairs the mental functions of those who suffer from it, although it can be a stressful limiting factor in their social lives and in other arenas of experience. It also does not interfere with menses in those who would normally be expected to experience that process.

The facial structure of those with hypertrichosis may be broad and flat with unusual brow ridges and other features which appear odd and flattened in comparison to so-called typical facial features. The particular genetic information which carry and inform hypertrichosis in children and adults are complex and still under investigation.