What Causes Dry Skin Around the Mouth?


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Dry skin around the mouth can be caused by many factors including perioral dermatitis, allergic reactions or aging. Depending on the cause, treatment varies and can range from topical lotion to prescription medication.

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Chapped lips are one of the more common reasons for a person to have dry skin around the mouth. There are, however, other conditions that may cause this skin problem.

  • Perioral dermatitis is when groups of small red bumps appear and surround the mouth. They usually appear on the chin, upper lip and cheek. Skin may appear pink and become dry and flaky. Cleaning the face with a mild cleanser may clear it up. In some cases, medicated cream may be prescribed.
  • If a person's facial skin has been exposed to allergens such as fluoride or even a new soap, dry and irritated facial skin may be an indication of an allergic reaction. One should discontinue the suspected allergen to help clear up the skin.
  • As one ages, her skin naturally loses moisture and becomes dry. Implementing a daily routine of a facial moisturizer helps to alleviate the problem.

In general, keeping oneself hydrated by drinking plenty of water helps keep the threat of dry skin at bay. Other ways to help dry skin are to get enough sleep, wear sunscreen and exfoliate.

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