What Causes Dry Coarse Hair?

Dry, coarse hair can be caused by environmental factors, such as living in a hot climate and being exposed to sun and chlorinated water. It can also be caused by hair styling practices, such as too frequently washing, chemical treatments and heat styling. Dry hair is sometimes a side effect of health problems like anorexia, hypoparathyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Dry, coarse hair may be a result of a variety of factors. Environmental conditions and hair care practices might be to blame. Hair can become dry for myriad reasons, and hot climates plus daily blow-drying can easily lead to moisture-free hair.

Health problems can also cause coarseness. Individuals suffering from anorexia often have dry hair because their bodies are not receiving adequate nutrition. Hypoparathyroidism causes dry hair by limiting the level of calcium in the blood. As calcium is responsible for healthy hair, teeth and bones, calcium deficiencies often lead to dry, unhealthy hair. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid glands produce insufficient levels of thyroid hormones. This can also cause dry, coarse hair.

Dry hair can be treated, especially if it is a result of environmental or styling factors. People who live in hot, arid climates should wear a hat to protect their hair from the sun. Swimmers should wear a bathing cap when swimming in chlorinated water. If hair has been damaged by styling habits, try using a protein rich conditioner, using products formulated for chemically treated hair and avoiding heat styling products.