What Causes Boots to Squeak?

Boots and shoes often squeak when air or moisture gets trapped between the soles and insoles. This causes the two pieces to rub together and make a squeaking noise.

Squeaky boots are fairly easy to fix. If water is the problem, boot owners can remove the insoles to let the insides of the boots dry out. Sprinkling baby powder inside the boots can also help rid boots of excess moisture. If air is the culprit, boot owners can apply something greasy, such as leather conditioner or Vaseline, to the insides of the boots and under the insoles. This helps stop the friction.

A loose sole or heel can sometimes cause squeaky boots. If the problem persists, boot owners can try securing loose parts with shoe glue. However, if that still does not fix the squeak, they should take them to a professional shoe repair service.