What Causes Bags Under Your Eyes?


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Bags under the eyes are caused by age-related loss of elasticity in the muscles and tissue structures in the facial region, which allows the fat in the eyelid area to move into the area below the eyes, notes Mayo Clinic. Other causes include the accumulation of fluid that makes the area under the eyes appear swollen or puffy. This fluid retention may be due to eating salty foods, fluctuating hormone levels or changes in the weather, such as elevated humidity.

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What Causes Bags Under Your Eyes?
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Not getting a sufficient amount of sleep also causes bags under the eyes, notes Mayo Clinic. Dermatitis and allergies can cause puffiness below the eyes, while some people are prone to the development of bags under the eyes due to heredity.

Various treatments can be used to improve the look of under-eye bags, reports Mayo Clinic. Chemical fillers and peels and laser resurfacing are some options. In addition, blepharoplasty, which is eyelid surgery, can be undertaken to remove the bags. The procedure involves making small cuts below the lower eyelid and removing fat, sagging skin and muscle. This common cosmetic procedure is done on an outpatient basis and is also used to treat drooping lower eyelids and excess skin below the eye.

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