How Do You Do Cat Eyeliner?

To do cat eyeliner, extend eyeliner on the top lid towards the temple, draw a tiny triangle from the end of that line back to the eyelash line and fill it in with eyeliner. The longer the line, the more dramatic the cat's eye effect. False eyelashes can be added for a more elegant look.

The only makeup tools required to create a cat's eye look is black eyeliner, an eyeliner brush and mascara. The look is best created with gel eyeliner rather than an eyeliner pencil.

Step 1: Make the tail

Dip the eyeliner brush into the gel eyeliner and draw a small tail extending from the outer corner of the eye out towards the temple.

Step 2: Draw the upper line

From the end of the tail at the outer corner of the eye, use the brush to draw a line of eyeliner across the lash line of the upper eyelid.

Step 3: Make a triangle

From the outer tip of the tail, draw a small triangle back to the upper eyelash line. Fill this triangle in with the gel eyeliner to create a thick tail.

Step 4: Finish the look

For a more dramatic look, apply eyeliner to the bottom lash line also. Use mascara that matches the shade of the eyeliner. Apply the mascara to the top and bottom lashes. An eyelash curler or false eyelashes gives the eyes an even more dramatic look.