How Do You Do Cat Eye Makeup?

How Do You Do Cat Eye Makeup?

To do cat eye makeup, curl your eyelashes, and apply eye-shadow primer to the upper eyelid. Line the inner and outer rim of your upper and lower lashes with a black liner pencil. Cover the liner with liquid eyeliner, and use it to make a wing at the outer edges of the lashes.

  1. Curl lashes, and apply primer

    Curl your lashes to lift them away from the inner rim of the eyelid. Apply an eye-shadow primer or an oil-free liquid foundation to the upper lid to keep the makeup in place once it's applied.

  2. Use an eyeliner pencil on the inner and outer rim of the lashes

    Gently lift your upper eyelid with your finger until you can see the inner rim of the upper eyelid. Use a black eyeliner pencil to line the inner rim of the upper eyelid, then do the same with the lower lid. Trace the pencil along the outer lash line on the top eyelid as well.

  3. Apply liquid eyeliner, and make a wing

    Make dash lines with liquid liner over the penciled eyeliner on the upper lid, then fill in the dash lines. Make a dot on the bony part of the outer corner of your eye. Connect the liner on your upper eyelid to the dot to create a wing. Finish the cat-eye look by sweeping a cream-colored eye shadow over the crease of your upper eyelid and a metallic eye shadow to the outer corner of the lid.