How Do You Take Care of Waist-Length Hair?


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Some ways of taking care of waist-length hair include using a silk or satin pillow when sleeping, avoiding brushing hair when it is wet, using a moisturizing treatment regularly, and only washing hair two to three times a week. Some other recommendations are to braid hair when sleeping or when it is windy, only use hot tools occasionally, and avoid peroxide-based hair color.

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A silk or satin pillowcase helps with avoiding breakage as you toss and turn at night. Alternately, wear a silk cap at night. Avoid brushing hair when it is wet because it is more fragile when wet than dry. If needed, run a wide-tooth comb gently through hair. Over-shampooing dries out hair, so only shampoo as needed, using dry shampoo with a boar bristle brush and a leave-in hydrating treatment between washes.

Avoid tangles and hair breakage by braiding hair at night and any time there is a significant wind. Braiding maintains your hair's smoothness and only requires a gentle brushing in the morning. Only use hot tools if absolutely necessary. Use alternatives such as rag curls, large hook-and-loop fastener curlers, a hair wrap or a blow dryer on a cool setting. If you color your hair, use deposit-only color to avoid split ends and drying.

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