How Do You Care for Snake Skin Boots?

care-snake-skin-boots Credit: Don Klumpp/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Clean and condition your snake skin boots often. Use only water-based products suitable for exotic materials. Condition them every time you clean them to prevent the snakeskin from cracking.

  1. Brush your boots

    Use a dry brush to remove dirt and dust from each boot. Brush in the direction of the scales.

  2. Spray your boots

    Spray an exotic cleaner and conditioner over the scales. Apply an even coat.

  3. Clean your boots

    Wipe each boot firmly with a soft dry rag to remove dirt. Wipe in the direction of the scales. If you must clean under the scales, be gentle. Be sure to smooth the scales back to their original direction.

  4. Apply conditioner to your boots

    Open a jar of delicate cream conditioner. Rub the conditioner on the scales with your fingers. Rub in the direction of the scales to keep them smooth.

  5. Protect your boots

    Spray water and stain protector over your boots, including the shaft. Let the protector sit for a minute before you try to wear the boots again.

  6. Store your boots

    Keep your boots in a dry, cool closet. Store them in a loose cloth bag or cardboard box to keep them free from dust. Never store them in plastic, because the snake skin will dry out. Keep them away from sunlight to prevent discoloration.