How Do You Care for Skin After Using a Tanning Bed?

Because tanning beds can cause dry skin, it is very important to moisturize immediately after each visit. Moisturizing is also key between visits and should be performed daily or several times per day, depending on the condition of the skin. Because tanning bed use causes skin damage, it's important to protect the skin from additional sun exposure by wearing sunscreen, hats and loose clothing outdoors.

When it comes to tanning, one of the most common complaints is uneven color or patches of color on the skin. According to Prokerala Health and Beauty, uneven skin tanning can be prevented by exfoliating before each visit and preventing dry patches through proper skin hydration. It is also important to shave before tanning, rather than after, and to arrive at the salon with no lotions, perfumes or skin treatments on the skin.

While rare, severe burns can occur while tanning in an indoor bed. Treat tanning bed burns in much the same way as a regular sunburn with the use of skin-soothing creams and aloe. Tanning should be discontinued while the burns heal. The injured person needs to exfoliate often and wear loose-fitting clothing. Any broken skin, rashes or eruptions must be treated with antibiotic creams. In severe cases, medical treatment may be necessary to ensure recovery.