How Do You Care for Short Natural Hair?


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Massaging the hair with oil to keep it moisturized and rinsing the hair with natural ingredients, such as apple cider vinegar, are part of caring for natural hair. These steps ensure the hair does not become dry and brittle and is thoroughly clean.

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Coconut oil works well on short natural hair, and it can be applied morning or night. However, the hair is typically wrapped in a scarf at night to keep the oil in the hair and off of the linens. In the morning, short natural hair can be misted with water to add more moisture and make the hair easier to style.

A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water works as a natural hair rinse to hydrate the hair and make it smoother by closing the hair cuticles. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water also helps to restore the hair's pH balance.

Natural hair can also be washed with conditioner. This process is called co-washing. Conditioners that are rich in emollients are important for natural hair, as this ingredient allows hair strands to slip apart from each other, and this makes it easier to de-tangle the hair. As an example, coconut oil is an emollient, as are jojoba and olive oils. Shea oil can also moisturize natural hair and help the hair to retain moisture and shine, even after the conditioner is completely rinsed from the hair.

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