What Care Products Are Required After Toenail Removal Surgery?

What Care Products Are Required After Toenail Removal Surgery?

After toenail removal surgery patients will require medications, pillows, gentle soaps, bandages and thin cotton pads, as stated by Drugs.com. The type of medications prescribed vary depending on the reason for the toenail removal, but usually include an antibiotic and pain medication.

Surgery to remove a toenail is a common procedure that is usually performed on an outpatient basis. This surgery is used to remove the entire toenail or just a part of it. Often, the procedure is needed for ingrown toenail removal or to expose the nail bed to make it easier for medications to treat an infection. Aftercare treatment involves the use of a few items.

The doctor may prescribe patients multiple medications to treat the problem that led to surgery, and also to manage symptoms after surgery. Pain medication helps keep pain at bay, while antibiotics prevent infection or treat an infection that was under the nail bed. Anti-fungal medication may also be prescribed to treat a fungal infection of the exposed nail bed.

It is key after surgery to keep the foot elevated above the heart. Find a comfortable spot and use plenty of pillows to ensure that the foot is at the right height to reduce swelling and pain.

When it is time to wash the area, make sure to use mild soap and water. After washing and drying the toe, put on fresh bandages. It is important to change the bandages every time they get wet or dirty.

Use cotton pads to help cushion the toe against the sidewall of a shoe when ready to get back to work. These pads are helpful even after healing to prevent ingrown toenails.