How Do You Take Care of Ostrich Leather Boots?

How Do You Take Care of Ostrich Leather Boots?

The care and maintenance of boots made of ostrich leather involves regular cleaning, the use of exotic leather conditioners, the application of stain and water protectors and proper storage. Ostrich leather is considered as exotic leather together with python, Caiman and lizard leathers.

Ostrich leather is set apart from other types of leather primarily because of the distinctive quill pattern on the surface of the leather. This unique pattern are actually the markings that indicate where the feathers of the animals used to be.

The following shows some of the ways to care for ostrich leather boots.


Because boots are more exposed to the environment, they will require regular cleaning. A soft brush or a damp cloth should be used when cleaning, making sure to get as much of the dirt and dust out as possible. Cleaning should also be done before any conditioner, cleaning agent or leather protector is applied.

Cleaning spills

Spills from liquids such as water, oils and ink should be removed as soon as possible. This is because ostrich leather is porous and tends to absorb liquids. Talc can be applied on the spill to absorb the liquid, then wiped away.


To better protect from spillages, a non-silicone stain and water protector or a leather sealer may be used on ostrich leather.


Leather boots should be kept in a dark, dry and clean place. Exposure to sunlight and harsh light sources should be avoided as it can cause discoloration and fading on the leather.