How do you take care of natural black hair?


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Taking care of naturally black hair requires using a good leave-in conditioner to combat the hair's natural dryness. People with this hair type should also use products that moisturize and strengthen their hair. Some good options are shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil. They should also make sure to wear protective hair styles to protect the ends of their hair from breakage.

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How do you take care of natural black hair?
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People with natural hair may notice that they experience a great deal of breakage as their hair grows longer, especially when it becomes shoulder length. This is because as the hair brushes across their shoulders, it creates friction against their clothing, which causes hair breakage.

One option to combat this problem is to add extensions to the hair so that it lays past the shoulders. Braided styles work well for this, although braids with sewn-in extensions will work as well. Another option is to wear the hair in an "updo." The hair can be pinned up, braided or twisted into a variety of styles to keep it from rubbing against clothing.

Any style that is worn should place the least amount of stress on the hair as possible. Styles that require excessive heat also need to be avoided.

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