How Do You Care for Natural African American Hair Styles?

How Do You Care for Natural African American Hair Styles?

African-American women who give up their relaxers to go natural may find that they need new hair care regimens. A proper routine and use of products can help keep natural hair soft and beautiful once it has fully grown out.

  1. Use a leave-in conditioner

    It is not enough to condition natural African-American hair with a rinse-out conditioner. Even hair oil or treatment masks will probably not keep the hair healthy and soft. Use a leave-in moisturizer to keep your hair hydrated and moist. Choose products filled with cocoa butter, olive oil or shea butter.

  2. Dry hair under a hooded dryer

    Natural African-American hair is often brittle and prone to breakage when it is recovering from past relaxation treatments. Set your hair with rollers or wrap foam around your hair, and sit it under a dryer set on low heat to create a curly look. Do not use hot curlers or curling irons during this time.

  3. Wear your hair up

    Put your hair in an up-do, because it protects the brittle ends of your hair. While growing out, the ends of your hair are prone to breakage as it reaches your shoulders. Wearing your hair up protects it and lets it grow out healthily.