How Do You Care for Micro-Braid Hairstyles?

How Do You Care for Micro-Braid Hairstyles?

Care for micro-braid hairstyles starts with deep conditioning treatment, beginning weeks before the hair is even braided. Once the hair is braided, apply oil to it, wash it bi-weekly, and wrap it in a scarf at night for sleeping.

  1. Obtain deep conditioning treatments

    Deep condition your hair once a week, beginning a few weeks before the braiding appointment. Leave the conditioner on your hair for several minutes each time before rinsing it out.

  2. Ask the stylist not to braid too tightly

    Ask the stylist to give you tight micro braids on the day of your appointment, but not too tight. Ask her to not add too much hair to the braids. Both of these processes can lead to breakage of the hair.

  3. Apply oil to hair

    Apply a natural oil, such as tea tree oil, to the hair a few times per week. Lightly massage the oil into the scalp.

  4. Sleep in a scarf

    Wrap the braids in a silk scarf when going to sleep at night, which protects the braids from frizzing.

  5. Wash braids bi-weekly

    Wash the braids bi-weekly with a gentle shampoo. Dilute the shampoo. When finished shampooing, apply a leave-in conditioner. Alternatively, use a leave-in moisturizing spray to saturate the braids and the scalp.