How Do You Take Care of a Dermal Punch?


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Dermal punches are piercings, so they require sterilization, with mouth piercings requiring mouthwash and skin piercings requiring antibacterial soap. Fiddling with the jewelry placed in a new dermal punch hole can cause extra damage and irritation to the site, so it is best to leave the piercing alone. According to Six Body Art, dermal punches heal faster but still require some standard piercing care.

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A dermal punch is a piercing that involves removing the flesh of the selected site, inside of which the jewelry is then placed. This process causes irritation like any other piercing, making it a requirement to clean the piercing site with the appropriate sterilization techniques.

Piercings undergo a process of healing that involves inflammation or a minor infection creating minor secretions that only occur at the earliest healing stage. Different parts of the body heal slower than others, with factors such as the proximity to clothing and natural healing speed of the area affecting the time needed for the process to complete. Naval piercings are known to take much longer to heal due to the near-constant rubbing that comes with wearing a shirt over the piercing. As a result, naval piercings take upwards of a year to fully heal.

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