How Do You Care for Curly Hair?


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The best way to care for curly hair is by using gentle products made especially for curly or dry or damaged hair. It is also important to shampoo only when necessary and condition frequently.

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How Do You Care for Curly Hair?
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There are many products made specifically for curly hair, but products aimed at dry and damaged hair are often just as good. Because curly hair is often prone to split ends, dryness and breakage, it needs extra care to truly shine. The more it is manipulated, the more damaged it will be. Try not to shampoo daily, as shampooing often has the effect of making hair even more dry. When shampooing, mainly focus on the scalp.

Use conditioner on all of the hair except that closest to the scalp. Too much conditioner near the scalp can lead to a lack of volume near the crown. The longer conditioner is left in the hair, the more it moisturizes. Try leave-in conditioner for added softness and shine.

When styling curly hair, do not rub it with a towel or brush it with a hairbrush. Instead, gently blot the hair with a towel and comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Then apply styling products. Individuals with coarse hair should apply a silicone serum, and people with fine hair should apply a silicone spray. Letting the hair air dry is best, but if blow drying is a must, use a diffuser attachment to reduce the impact of the hot air.

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