How Do You Care for African-American Dreadlocks?


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To maintain African-American dreadlocks, make sure to wash, moisturize and condition your hair regularly. Find a good "loctician" to help with products and styling. Protect hair at night by wrapping it in a scarf or using a silk or satin pillow case. Give roots a break, and don't twist your hair too frequently.

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For healthy African-American dreadlocks, keep your hair and scalp clean with regular shampooing. Dreadlocks.com suggests using residue-free soap or shampoo. Condition dreadlocks to maintain healthy hair and shine. Remember to moisturize with light oil to avoid breakage. Use a natural oil, such as almond or coconut oil, to deep-condition dreadlocks, especially in the winter.

BlackNaps.org, a website for natural hair, stresses protective night care. To avoid breakage, sleep with a scarf or nightcap, or use a silk pillow. The scarf helps prevent friction and protects your ends and scalp.

Constantly twisting roots puts extreme stress on hair, and causes breakage and damage at the roots, so give your hair some time between twists. Ebony magazine's hair expert suggests finding a good stylist as soon as you decide on dreadlocks. A "loctician" can help with style transitions, find the right hair care and styling products and monitor hair growth.

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