How Do You Care for African-American Braided Wigs?


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African-American braided wigs require the same amount of care as straight, curly and wavy hair. The wigs need to be regularly washed and properly stored when not in use.

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WOW Wigs, a wig and hairpiece superstore, suggests washing wigs every two to three weeks, depending on the amount of wear the wigs get. It is important that the wig is washed and conditioned with products specifically formulated for wigs.

When washing wigs, never use hot water. Hot water will damage the fibers that hold the wig together and the synthetic strands used on synthetic wigs. If a wig comes pre-styled with braids, curls, kinks or any other texture, hot water with ruin the style by steaming out the texture. If your wig is synthetic, like most braided wigs are, never apply heat to it; the fibers will burn and melt.

Sleeping in a braided wig can also damage the product by causing matting and tangles. So, always remove your wig before bed.

Taking care of your real hair while wearing a wig is also important. When washing your real hair, it is vital that it is completely dry before re-installing the wig. Moist conditions under wigs are breeding grounds for bacteria and could ruin both the wig and your real hair by generating mildew.

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