How Do You Find Card Holder Cases?


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Find card holder cases for sale at specialty online stores, such as WalletGear, or at retail and direct merchant outlets, such as Target or Coach. Card holder cases typically come in either soft or hard forms.

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WalletGear carries a wide assortment of card holder cases in both soft and hard designs. Soft cases fit neatly in pockets or purses and provide an easy way to carry and organize credit cards or similarly sized items, such as passkeys or hotel room keys. Hard cases often feature RFID-blocking technology that prevents others from stealing radio-frequency ID signals from cards by passing the holder with a scanning device. These cases may also include a simple lock or latch for added security.

Target carries many different card holder cases from major manufacturers, including those from the British Belt Company, and many models offer similar features to those available at WalletGear. Shoppers may purchase online or through Target retail outlets.

Shoppers looking for designer cases to hold their cards can turn to Coach for a wide assortment of colors, styles and materials. Coach card holder cases are also available in stores or online, and many feature the signature logo of the brand stamped right into the material of the wallet.

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