How Do Capless Wigs Work?


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The construction of capless wigs, which basically made of vertical lace strips with rows of wefts, makes it lighter, cooler and more comfortable to wear. This design veers off from the traditional solid cap wigs that can be cumbersome, warm and heavy to the wearer. Other terms for capless wigs include wefted caps, standard caps and thin-wefted caps.

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One of the advantages of capless wigs are the open spaces between the wefts that disperses heat and allows more airflow into the wig. The breathable design also makes for a lighter wig that is more comfortable to wear.

In higher end capless wig designs, a lace section often be incorporated at the crown to allow wearers to part the hair on the wig and to brush it in any direction. Thin-wefted is the term used for capless wigs that have wider spaces in between the wefts. This type of design do not have lace top section.

Thin-wefted capless wig are even lighter because of the broader space in between the wefts. In some thin-wefted caps, the wider space between the wefts allows the wearer to incorporate her natural hair through the cap. This not only conceals the wig better, but it also allows for a natural blending of hair color and makes the wig feel more secure.

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