Where Can I Find Wigs?

can-wigs Credit: Chris Stein/The Image Bank/Getty Images

One can purchase wigs on-line at places like wigs.com or Milanoo passion for fashion sites. Other on-line sources include the American Cancer Society; it offers wigs for cancer patients through its Tender Loving Care or TLC Wig Collection. Local beauty shops also have wigs available for purchase, and they can often take special orders.

When searching for wigs on-line, choose between human or synthetic hair. That decisions helps to limit the search and streamline the places to shop, because of where those types of wigs are available. Find a few sites, and take some time to research them to find out about the quality of their wigs and customer service. Ask about any product guarantees, in case the wig does not fit or look right.

Prices can also be very different from site to site. Look for options that include both good quality and a fair price. Discount wig shops, such as Milanoo, can often offer a reasonable price. Ebay or other online auction sites sell fashion wigs at competitive prices.

Finding local wig shops can be advantageous in that a wig expert can help one choose the perfect wig, style and color. Trying on wigs is critical to achieving the ideal look. Plus, local shops can provide care instructions or demonstrations.