How Can You Get a Wig to Stay On?


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In order to secure a wig, either tie pin curls into existing hair or tightly wrap self-sticking athletic wrap around the head, then secure the wig cap to the head using bobby pins on either the pin curls or the athletic wrap, and finally pin the wig to the secured wig cap. To get a natural look, make sure the wig cap exposes the bottom of the hair line.

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When securing a wig to already-existing hair, it is important to make sure the real hair is as flat as possible. The following steps explain how to secure a wig to either a bald head or a head with very short hair, so those securing wigs to longer hair should skip the athletic wrap step and attach the wig cap to wig curls.

  1. Wrap the head tightly in self-sticking athletic wrap.
  2. Athletic wrap can be found in many wig stores or sports stores. Wrap the athletic wrap tightly around the scalp slightly above the hair line, and secure using two crossed bobby pins. The wrap should be relatively close to the color of the wig.

  3. Attach the wig cap to the athletic wrap.
  4. Use bobby pins to secure the wig cap to the athletic wrap all the way around.

  5. Use pins to attach the wig to the secured wig cap.
  6. Now that the wig cap is secured, simply use pins to attach the wig to the cap.

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