Where Can Wholesale Jordan Lists Be Found?


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Wholesale Jordan lists are sold online at a variety of places, but not all are considered legitimate. When searching for a wholesale Jordan list, it is prudent to be wary of promises of purchasing the high-end basketball shoes for pennies on the dollar.

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Air Jordan's are owned, designed and produced by a subsidiary of Nike for Michael Jordan. The sneakers have been in production since 1985 and vintage styles are highly sought after by collectors. Since the production of the shoe, there have been several incidents where people have been attacked, and sometimes killed, for their Air Jordan shoes. The hype behind the shoe has created a strong desire for people to find a way to purchase the shoes for a wholesale cost and then turn a profit with resell.

The Sneaker Shoe Box website offers a compiled list of wholesalers that offer the Air Jordan shoe, but offers no guarantees for the product. The site does offer a "Fake List" that includes any seller that has knowingly or unknowingly sold a fraudulent list or counterfeit shoes to help aid those in search for the authentic list. With many sellers offering Air Jordan shoes for discounted prices, it is obvious the wholesale Jordan list exists, but actually finding the legitimate list is rare.

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